3 beautiful party rooms to choose from!

King Room

  • Max Occupancy: 34

  • Reservation Minimum: 25 ($25 room rental fee if party of 24 or less)

  • Deposit: $25

  • The focus of this room is a $10,000 table that was hand carved and imported from the fujian province of southern China. This room is great for hosting birthday parties and events celebrating a special person.

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Jade Room

  • Max Occupancy: 34

  • Reservation Minimum: 12

  • Deposit: $25

  • A beautiful room with 4 sets of booths and 2 sets of long tables in the center. This room is great for family gatherings and holiday parties. Kids love having their own table.

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Samurai Room

  • Max Occupancy: 100

  • Reservation Minimum: 30

  • Deposit: $50

  • Our largest party room has samurai on stained glass and can host 80-100 people max. This room is great for family gatherings, corporate events, and church parties.

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FAQs about reservations

Q: Is my deposit refundable?

A: Your deposit is applied towards the bill unless your party does not show up.

Q: How do I book a reservation?

A: Come in and pay the deposit to make your reservation. Please have this information ready: number of adults & children, date, time, and choice of room.

Q: What if I'm not sure how many people will attend?

A: You can still book a reservation to hold the spot. Once you have a fairly accurate count, then notify us so we're ready.

Q: How many people do I need for a reservation?

A: We only take reservations for parties of 12+ and when a room deposit is being held. Otherwise, a reservation is not needed on most days.

Q: We've got 8-10 people coming this weekend, do I need a reservation?

A: No, we can easily accommodate small and large groups without a reservation. Reservations are good for holding a room for a special event.